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Women in Executive Protection - Part II

Part 2: Advice for Future Female EP Professionals Breaking into the Industry - By Female Practitioner Rachel G. Physically Prepared. You don’t have to stand out above the crowd and resemble a modern day Greek God. However, you should look capable of carrying your own weight and the weight of the client off the "X." Physical activity needs to be a part of your daily checklist. Should there be an event that requires you to forcefully move your client or remove someone from your client, remember:, That’s what is expected of you. As an EP Agent, you are a force that is constantly in a developmental status. Meaning, you are forever evolving and learning, not only through operational experience but through training as well. Take some basic disarming classes, learn how to buddy drag. These are worst case scenarios, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t happen and you shouldn’t be prepared.

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May 21st -27th 2017 in Las Vegas, NV


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