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Corporate vs. Celebrity Protection and Skills for Growth in EP.

Executive protection is a unique industry. The way an individual or team operates is based on a combination of the client's needs, personal preferences, and an array of requirements and limitations. These include the client's mission, funding, manpower, and resources that are allocated to the team.

A Fortune five executive’s resources will be much greater than a celebrity client. The executive will have a larger budget, a global footprint, require more agents, protective intelligence and an entire global corporate security division dedicated to the protection of company personnel and assets.

Corporate E.P. teams will often be flying private and will have at their disposal international advance teams who will be working with local security and or law enforcement with the support of their global corporate security resources to ensure maximum risk mitigation and seamless travel. Security drivers and multi-agent protection teams with surveillance and counter-surveillance capabilities are all standards for top tier corporate executive protection.

On the other hand, a celebrity client may only have the budget for or prefer a single protection specialist. The one-man detail typically flies commercial first class. The solo agent must maximize resources and be an extremely efficient multi-tasker.

There is one thing that does not change: the fundamentals of protection work. If the practitioner can master the fundamentals, he can step onto a ten man team or work as a one man detail.

API's courses allow the practitioner to build a solid foundation; a foundation that will allow them to put pillars in place to enable the scalability to develop and advance their career in Executive Protection.

To grow in this industry, a true understanding of the close protection skill set is obviously a must. However, agents must also continuously develop themselves in the areas of corporate etiquette and communication, corporate security, protective intelligence, management, leadership, and budgeting if they are to thrive, lead and excel long term in the wild world of Executive Protection.

7-Day Executive Protection Course May 21-27 2017 Las Vegas, NV

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