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Contract Driver/Limo Driver Check List

Travel teams do not always have the luxury of a dedicated security driver and may require the use of local contract driver. Below is a sample checklist to send car service companies to ensure their fleet and drivers are suitable for your specific requirements.


For those agents that use contract driver services. This check list should be sent out prior to the company to insure they send you the right caliber of driver to meet your client’s needs.

Divers Request:

-No Females (Arab clients only)

-No strong or heavy colognes

-No body odor

-No smoking on shift / or non-smoking drivers (Primary for the clients Driver)

If no Suits required, Blazers/ jackets:

* Dress casual

* Nice jeans or Slacks

* Nice button up Shirt or Polo

* Dress shoes

Vehicle Requests:

-2 sets of keys per vehicle

-Car dusters

-Spare cleaning supplies for the interior

-2 sets of Tie Downs or toe straps

Responsibilities and Guidelines" for the drivers:

-Vehicle should never get below a half tank of gas

-Proper air pressure checked every morning

-Vehicle will be clean every morning prior to pick up

-Do not take any phone calls while driving and or if the client is in the vehicle

-Do not speak to the client unless spoken to

-Interior temp to 72 degrees front and back

-All drivers will have to sign a NDA

Agents will notify drivers every time there is time for restroom breaks, lunch, and refuel.

Drivers will also receive protocols for security driving policy and procedures when conducting the advance with the lead agent.

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