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Considerations when conducting an Advance on a Venue. When in Doubt, always reference the Basics.

Advance Assessment

-Prior to arrival phone the site manager/POC at Venue.

-Upon arrival contact site manager/POC involved with the visit.

-Identify primary and alternate entrance/exits to location.

-Identify primary and alternate entrance/departure areas.

-Set up barricades (traffic cones) if permitted.

-Identify parking area for motorcade.

-Identify location for Advance/stash car.

-Check location and foot route principle will use.

-Identify location of restroom.

-Identify possible safe haven or private room for VIP use and confirm access to land line phone or verify that you have cell phone service.

-Identify nearest fire exits and equipment.

-Are there keys to the door and elevators. Who controls access?

-Check security of venue. Are there additional security personnel? If so how many? Is local law enforcement available to assist on location?

-Venue security's radio channel or Spare Venue security radio to monitor traffic or relay critical information.

-Identify the number of agents allowed to enter site and posting/access control requirements.

-Is your team allowed to be armed at or in the Venue?

-Identify who will be allowed access to the site and does the venue require access badges? Confirm they have enough access badges for your team and clients staff.

-Coordinate with other protective details.

-Identify primary and alternate motorcade routes, include travel time.

-Conduct security analysis of route.

-Identify travel at the exact time of motorcade routes.

-Identify the nearest hospital, route, travel time, and phone numbers.

-Identify nearest police stations, route, travel time, and phone numbers.

-Conduct room advance, EOD sweep, TSCM sweep, seating, etc.

-Dining venue/Meals(prepayment of the bill for security)Detail served first.

-Complete name checks on personnel geographically close to principle.

-Identify any other security requirements. Is there a press corps? How many people will be at the site? How long will the principle remain? Changes to the threat briefing/etc.

-Is the site secure?

-Stash car?

Advanced Planning

-Site address or GPS pin drop/ location. Include map.

-Make physical survey of the area.

-Identify danger areas of venue.

-Identify POC of site during time of event.

-Establish who will be allowed access to the site and how many people in total for the event.

-Coordinate with other security on site.

-Identify primary and alternate (vehicular & foot) routes to and from site.

-Parking/staging plan for vehicles.

-Identify choke points along the route.

-Identify Police, fire, and hospitals along the route.

-Identify all entrances/avenues of approach into the site.

-Identify locations for observation posts/security post and number of security personnel to support site.

-Identify primary and alternate foot emergency evacuation routes.

-Identify rally points.

-Identify E&E corridor.

-Technical or nontechnical EOD sweep of the site.

-Locate the nearest hospital, route, phone number.

-Location of the nearest police station/reactionary force/staging area.

-Location if the nearest toilet or Greenroom/comfort area for agents.

-Location of nearest safe haven.

-Time on site.

-Abort criteria.

-Weather considerations.

-Review "Persons of Interests" / Be on the look out-BOLO's.

-Protection Intelligence brief/update.

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