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Firearm Standards for Corporate EP Teams

In this industry, we all work long hours and travel often. It is a constant challenge to maintain shooting and training standards when time and budgets are limited.

Here are a few tips to standardize proficiency within armed protection teams. Most can be accomplished with one hour a month on the range and 50 rounds of ammo.

A firearms training program should be implemented based on the team’s standard operating procedures – SOPs.

1. A qualification standard should be established incorporating team SOPs including the holster and concealment garments typically worn on duty. This qualification should be designed to run on either an indoor or outdoor range with basic targets that can be made on a desktop printer.

2. The round count for the drill must meet the budget for ammo allotment. Drills focused on mechanics and marksmanship can be achieved with as few as 50 rounds.

3. A dry fire program based on the qualifications will allow the practitioner to have a template to practice during down time to keep their mechanics and fundamentals sharp which will allow them to maintain proficiency and pass the monthly qualification. Regardless if it’s tactical, concealed carry or competitive shooting, the majority of your practice should be dry fire.

Set high standards. Encourage competition. Keep training relevant.

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