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Adapt or Fail - Part 1

Among the requisite traits for an EP agent, it could be argued that after professionalism and common sense, adaptability is the most valuable and most necessary. In this two part discussion, we will explore adaptability in the context of Executive Protection at the individual and team levels.

Adaptability Defined:

1. The quality of being able to adjust to changing conditions.

2. The capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose.

At the individual level, adaptability requires humility, creativity and a willingness to expand beyond one's comfort zone for the benefit of the team.

This means stepping into unfamiliar roles to expand your knowledge and experience, studying historical and contemporary leaders from inside and outside the industry, and being open minded to creative and sometimes unorthodox solutions to complex problems.

This is the essence of the modern EP professional. As you progress through your career, adaptability will likely be the key to your longevity.

#executiveprotection #quiteprofessional

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