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Church Security or Pastor Protection Considerations

- Risk Threat Vulnerability Assessment of the church and campus

- Developing a written plan of options to present to the Pastors and Board that fits within the church’s culture.

- Developing a policy handbook with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and the roles and responsibilities of static and mobile teams, ushers and greeters.

- Recruiting and vetting candidates for the security team and hiring a director to oversee campus security, events, and travel

- Training of team members in the established SOPs and creating a budget for the security team - training, radios, CCTV, medical equipment, etc…

- Protective intelligence program specific to the church’s liabilities

- Integrating the security team within the church’s administrative staff

- Reaching out to local L.E. & EMS for support, direction.

- Establishing a team of volunteers to augment regular security staff for large events and travel

- Monthly training to maintain standards (Budget needed for training, ammo, and range fees)

- Clear understanding of Use of Force Policy

- Realistic goals regarding timelines of training and maintaining standards

- Education of church staff to fully understand the goals, rolls, and responsibilities of the security staff which should be:

  1. Ensure safety and security of church personnel and assets, members and guests

  2. Facilitate administrative productivity

  3. Protect the public image and reputation of the church.

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