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Executive Protection Travel Tips

One of the biggest challenges for an EP agent on a travel team is packing effectively and traveling light. A seasoned EP agent can pack for a 6 week trip with only a carry-on bag. Here are a few tips on traveling overseas for an extended period of time with only a carry on.

The case for carrying on

Speed - Agents have to hit the ground running (often literally). You may have only a short time to conduct an advance before your client lands and must ensure you have all the essentials to carry you through at least 24 hours.

Security - Airlines lose luggage. The last thing you need while on a hard timeline is to be chasing your luggage around a busy airport or worse, left without it all together. Carrying on means maintaining positive control of all your gear.

Simplicity - The “KISS” principle is alive and well in the world of EP travel. Carrying on means limiting non-essential items and bringing only what is required to get the job done.

Pro Tip - Use itemized colored bags to designate the following:

  • Medical supplies

  • Electronic admin kit

  • Toiletries

  • Trade craft or TSCM gear

*Eagle creek storage bags from REI are a great way to store and itemize your clothing

Be Fly in the Sky

Travel in business casual; even while on an aircraft you represent your client. Maintain a level of professionalism regardless of what part of the world you are in and be ready to step right in to the job as soon as the wheels touch down.

*Business casual defined: Dark denim jeans or slacks, polo or button up, dress shoes and a blazer.

Finally , keep travel notes. Evaluating every trip will help you understand what you need to streamline your gear and help you refine how you pack for each trip, extended or overnight according to your clients’ work culture, environment and destination.

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