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10 Things that require ZERO Talent in the Executive Protection Industry

Being coachable

  1. Being on time

  2. Being Prepared

  3. Work ethic

  4. Effort

  5. Body Language

  6. Energy

  7. Attitude

  8. Passion

  9. Doing extra

Being Coachable: Be humble. Have an open mind and thick skin. This industry is not black and white. You have to learn to adapt to the team’s and the clients’ culture, own up to mistakes, learn from them and not make excuses. Be ready to take direction from up and down the chain of command. Being on time: Time management is crucial in this industry, both for the client and for you. Clients’ schedules are often planned down to the minute. A delay of even 15 minutes can disrupt the entire schedule and could cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Example: If you have an 8am departure, this means you should be up and at the gym at 5am, Back in your room and showed and ready to go by 6:30am. Review daily itinerary and gear with breakfast by 7am. Vehicles staged and prepped by 7:30am this gives you a 30 minute window. Being Prepared: This means mentally, physically, and with all the proper tools for the job to include advance reposts, risk assessments, client lists and itinerary. Work Ethic: Work ethic is a value based on hard work and diligence. Remember, there are 1000 people waiting to take your position. Effort: Put in the work to get positive results. Effort will help build experience and your reputation. Once again, there are 1000 people waiting to take your position. Body language: The outward expression of your inner professionalism. Just because you aren't speaking doesn’t mean you aren't saying anything. Your ability to conduct yourself with composure in a corporate environment is key. Your posture and mannerisms need to reflect the client and environment. Energy: This job is not 9-5. You must be personally motivated, focused, driven and prepared to work long hours. Attitude: Positive, proactive, professional and always be a student Passion: You have to want to be in this line of work. It’s long hours, a lot of travel, and always a learning process. Doing Extra: If every agent on a detail goes the extra mile, is flexible and has the client and team mates in mind it’s a win for everyone.

Credit @Secret2success

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