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iPhone tips for the Protection Specialist

To the protection specialist and his client the iPhone is a mobile office and resource center. Having the necessary tools in your kit bag will ensure that you and your client stay in the game during nonstop travel, back to back meetings and unpredictably long days. Here are a few tips to help prepare those solo agents and travels teams.

2 is 1, 1 is none

Having 2 phones is critical. For overseas travel, acquiring a local prepaid mobile or “burner phone” with a pre-paid card will give you a local number, access to local network providers’ voice and internet service and is much less expensive than utilizing domestic carrier service abroad which may not be available or reliable.

Stateside, it will allow you to have a second line and a “clean” phone in case your client needs your phone to conduct business while you are charging his (which does happen). Handing him a backup phone will prevent notifications from your phone from interrupting his business and most importantly allows you to continue working.

Lastly, if you drop or damage your phone you have a back up.


I carry a minimum of 3 chargers, one always stays in my room, one always stays in the vehicle, and one stays in your kit bag or on your person.

Stand-alone Chargers

Stand-alone device chargers are mobile power stations. These pocket size chargers can give 2 full charges on an iPhone or iPad. This is perfect for the client who is on the go and does not have time to be static or get enough charge in the car between meetings. Mophie makes mobile chargers starting around $79. *Note: These must also be kept charged! Be sure to include them in your kit maintenance routine.

Glow in the dark

Glow-in-the-dark paint on your phone charger will help you see your charger at night. Ingenious, I know. ~by ANDREW MEDAL

iPhone charging

An iPad charger will charge your iPhone much faster. So will setting the phone to airplane mode (this goes for all devices). ~by ANDREW MEDAL

Smartphone connection

If you’re in an area that should have service, but it’s not working, switch your phone to airplane mode and then back to normal. Switching to airplane mode will cause your phone to register and find the towers in your area. ~by ANDREW MEDAL

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